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Jim Hudson Memorial Scholarship

*Application Deadline is June 30th, 2013. The Scholarship will be awarded in September. $1000 value.

Jim Hudson was born on December 7, 1965 to George and Madeline Hudson. Raised in Black Tickle for the majority of his childhood, Jim aspired early on to become a bush pilot and fly Labrador's coast like so many fine Labrador pilots before him. Supported by his family, Jim followed through with his dream as he left his home in Labrador for a short time to pursue his career as a pilot. Jim successfully completed flight school in St. John's, NL in 1988. Jim spent the next 21 years of his life as one of the finest pilots to travel the Labrador skies. During this time Jim achieved two of his biggest dreams as a bush pilot: landing in the harbour in his home community of Black Tickle in the mid-1990s, on both floats and skis, and flying into Cambridge Bay, Nunavut.


With the guidance and support of his father, Jim took to the Labrador skies and began his flying career working closely with family. In particular, Jim spent countless days working closely with his brothers and father in the day to day of flying and business.

While flying was a tremendous piece of Jim's life and legacy, his family and his love for Labrador were front and centre as well. Jim's four sons all remember their father as a wonderful father and pilot who was passionate about life, his family and his career. For his children, Jim was a man to look up to, modeling traits of determination and integrity.

Jim was connected to his homeland and his culture; a sentiment he shared with many of his family and friends. He understood the importance of policies and positive political initiatives as factors that could have long lasting effects on the Metis people. Jim was very much interested in becoming involved with the LMN at the board level in an effort to further the rights and interests of the Metis people.

Just as flying was a passion of Jim's throughout his life, his passion for his homeland and the people of Labrador was pronounced as well. In a sense the two were connected: his love for Labrador and his love of flying throughout the Big Land had provided him with a sense of belonging.

Reflecting the kind of man Jim was and his desire to fly in Labrador, Jim's final flight was spent flying Labrador's coast with the intent to assist another individual in need of medical attention, and fly that individual to a location with hospital services. However, on this day, June 7, 2009, Jim Hudson died in a tragic plane crash en route to Port Hope Simpson.

Application Process:

Students are required to submit an essay detailing their decision to attend flight training school. This would include the decision making process and their hopes for the future as a pilot. The essay should be no less than 250 words (typed and double spaced).

In addition, students are required to submit:
- Three letters of reference (from community leaders, teachers or employers).
- A transcript of your most recent grades (high school or post secondary).
Please send your application to:
Debbie Goudie, HRD Manager
P.O. Box 460, Stn C
Goose Bay, NL
A0P 1C0

Fax : 709 896 0594

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