Executive Team

Gander Flight Training was founded in 1992 by Patrick White and Florence White. Since then, EVAS group of companies has been growing exponentially, acquiring more aircraft under its fleet, and expanding its Flight Training and Air services across Atlantic Canada and overseas, especially catering to communities in Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia.

Patrick White

Chief Executive Officer/President

Patrick White, President/CEO is a very passionate and dedicated aviation entrepreneur operating flight training college, medevac, cargo, and charter services. Over the past 30 plus years, have built GFT/EVAS Air from ground zero to a world-recognized aviation operation. Locally owned and operated, providing year-round employment, Community supporter, and well respected in the aviation community.

Florence White

Chief Financial Officer

Florence White, Chief Financial Officer is a very determined, well-focused detailed financial orientated partner contributing to the success of GFT/EVAS Air. Florence with her astute business acumen, judgment, and unimpeachable integrity, leads, motivates, and is an inspiration to all her colleagues.

Darlene Colbourne

General Manager

With over 25 years as an experienced Manager and extensive knowledge in Aviation, Darlene leads the business by working with the various Flight Training departments maintaining a professional and welcoming business environment for both the team and students alike. Darlene takes pride in building a professional and safety oriented team that provides quality training to the next generation of Canadian and Global Pilots. 

Prasaath DB

Chief Flight Instructor

A good pilot is always learning. Newfoundland has the most challenging weather conditions where one can learn and furnish their knowledge and skills making them a highly competent pilot to fly anywhere in the world. Mayur started with GFT as a Class 4 Flight Instructor and now a Class 1 Flight Instructor/Chief Flight Instructor. Along with his team, Mayur ensures students receive quality training with safety being the number one priority.

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