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Domestic Students

GFT provides domestic students, services available to aid with your application process. GFT prides itself on the services it offers its students and it begins right here. Our Domestic student alumni have graduated and worked at our sister company EVAS and many other regionals before flying for Mainline Carriers around the world. Our Student Resources center page is a valuable source for information regarding student loans, scholarships and funding. Our admin team is fully prepared to answer any queries you may have in regards to applying for student grants or scholarships. Please take the time to review the application process and if at any time you have any questions please call 1-877-438-2359 and a GFT representative will gladly assist you.

International Students

At GFT we provide all the assistance to our students from around the world. We ensure that our international students feel at home while they build a strong foundation in their flying skills. Our international alumni have graduated to continue their career in Canada and many parts of the world. International student application process is slightly different compared to the Domestic students due to immigration requirements. Our team is fully prepared to assist you in ensuring you have the most seamless transition to your home away from home while you learn to become a skillful Pilot. Please review the application process and call 1-877-438-2359 to talk to a GFT representative or email for assistance.

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