Flight Training Programs

Private Pilot License

Do you wish your car had wings? A Private Pilot Licence (PPL) can offer you the freedom, flexibility, and independence to control your own travel, whether for business or pleasure. It is more comprehensive and less restrictive than the Recreational Pilot Permit. The PPL is a prerequisite for the Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL), and is therefore included in the Integrated CPL Program.

Commercial Pilot License

 The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is the beginning of an exciting career that can take you around the world or to your backyard adventure. This licence may be obtained once the Private Pilot Licence is completed, or as part of an Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence Program. The Professional Commercial Pilot Program follows closely with the Integrated Commercial Pilot Licence, and is designed for candidates who have training completed up to the Private Pilot Licence.

Multi-Engine Rating

The Multi-Engine Rating will allow you to fly an aircraft with two or more engines. This Rating is part of the Integrated program, and may be combined with the modular Commercial Pilot Licence. The Multi-Engine Rating is required for most aviation careers.

Instrument Rating

Most airline companies operate aircraft in operations that require the Instrument Rating. This rating enables pilots to fly aircraft in poor weather conditions where instrument reference is required. GFT offers a Recurrent Instrument Training Program for those pilots that require renewal or have let their instrument rating lapse. A Professional Training Program is available for initial candidates, as well as an accelerated program designed for a quicker pace. This Rating is also part of the GFT integrated Program.

Flight Instructor Rating

Becoming a Flight Instructor will provide an opportunity for rewards beyond just employment. Many pilots will attest that the wealth of knowledge and skills acquired as a Flight Instructor will be a great asset to any aviation career. Airlines often hire pilots with flight instructor experience with the aim of advancing them into company training positions. In fact GFT hires their own students before considering hiring anyone from outside the GFT team. This is also a part of our Career Progression Program. This rating may be obtained upon completion of a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Recreational Pilot Permit

The Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) is the most economical means for someone to enjoy the thrills of flying for recreational purposes.

If purchasing an aircraft for recreation is in your future, this permit is a quick and easy way to get started. It can also be used as a step to becoming a Private Pilot.

A Seaplane Rating may also be added to the RPP.

Night Rating & VFR OTT

The Night Rating allows the pilot to fly at night in visual weather conditions. The VFR Over-The-Top Rating allows the pilot to fly over the top of a layer of cloud (without visual reference to the ground) as long as prescribed weather criteria are met.

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