Facilities and Equipments

Gander Flight Training is located in a state of the art facility at Gander International Airport that is designed to meet and exceed student needs. Training equipment include well equipped aircraft and a modern flight simulator.

Large classrooms and individual briefing rooms provide for a comfortable and conducive learning environment. Ground Schools utilize interactive computer programs and multi-media presentations, and examinations are conducted both electronically and on paper. GFT was the first flight school in Atlantic Canada approved to conduct the electronic Transport Canada written test for the Private Pilot Licence.

A technical library provides students with access to comprehensive aircraft technical information. A spacious and well-equipped lunch room provides a relaxed atmosphere for students.

Simulator Training

Gander Flight Training is equipped with a state of the art simulator that allows students pilots to get the best training when it comes to courses such as Instrument Rating, Multi Engine Rating etc. The simulator is also capable of running high performance turbo prop aircraft simulations that provides students exposure to complex 2 crew aircraft. The DCX MAX Simulator at GFT is the newest AATD cockpit system on the market. The functionality rivals most flight training devices and full flight simulators. The system boasts an impressive list of standard and optional features that make it the most advanced trainer in its class.


All flight operations are controlled and monitored from our Dispatch Center. This is where flights and ground sessions are scheduled, aircraft, weather and airport conditions are monitored, and ground movement supervised. Weather and flight planning is accessible through both a computer terminal and a direct line to the Flight Service Station.

Aircraft Maintenance is conducted in our modern hangar designed to accommodate an aircraft as large as the Bombardier Regional Jet. GFT has an Approved Maintenance Organization, which has certification, engineering staff and facilities to ensure our aircraft are well maintained with the utmost efficiency and safety standards exceeding Transport Canada requirements.

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