Gander Flight Training is proud to see our graduates succeed in various roles in aviation. Our Student Pilots have pitched their careers up into the blue sky covering various types of flying in the aviation industry such as Commercial Airline, Cargo, Air-Ambulance, Bush and Arctic flying, Fire-fighting and Flight Instructing to name a few.

We also provide assistance to students who seek mentorship or career tips from our alumni who are active pilots in various flying roles across the globe. For an opportunity to connect with our graduate pilots please reach out to your Chief Flight Instructor or General Manager with your request.

The various testimonials seen across the website show that our students have a successful career after obtaining valuable knowledge and skills at Gander Flight Training. Our Flight Instructors and staff ensure that each student receives guidance in their aviation career and when they walk out of GFT with all their bars and wings they are set up for success in the path they chose.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message
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