Scholarships and Funding

Gander Flight Training currently offers the following Scholarships for their students. Our students can utilize the funding secured from these scholarships to advance they flight training or for funding additional courses such as Instructor Rating. 

We are grateful to our Sponsor’s in providing aid to our student pilot group and helping them get one step closer to their flying goals. 

For students seeking information regarding the scholarships please email

Each Scholarship application is thoroughly reviewed and assessed before being awarded. We encourage each student seeking one of these Scholarships to review the requirements and submit their applications accordingly.

Women in Aviation Scholarship

Gander Flight Training prides itself in marketing efforts to recruit Women into the Aviation Industry.  With the current global shortage of pilots and approximately only 5% of the pilots in the industry being female we believe it necessary to try and bridge this gap.  One of the top reasons women do not pursue a career in aviation is lack of funding.  Therefore, Gander Flight Training offers a $2,000.00 “Women in Aviation Scholarship” annually to assist in easing the financial burden.

As application, a statement from the candidate is required  indicating why she should receive the award and outlining scholastic / personal achievements / goals, need reasoning for financial assistance

Wings of Integrity Scholarship

GFT Aerospace College offers a Wings of Integrity Financial Scholarship to applicants for professional flight training courses. This scholarship was donated by the owners and operators of GFT in memory of a good friend and colleague, Mr. Duane Hicks Senior.

This $2000.00 training scholarship, announced at the Wings Ceremony held on October 3, 2003 , is available to applicants beginning September 2004. To commemorate this event, a framed picture was mounted near the entrance to GFT with the following statement:

Proudly dedicated in memory of Duane Hicks November 10, 1937 – September 1, 2003, of Hicks & Lawrence Ltd., Ontario . A true friend of GFT.

Duane shared his love of flying by giving young pilots a chance to spread their wings. He shared his wisdom in business by example the honour of a handshake and the solid integrity of his word. A foundation from which any pilot can soar.

Bradon Pike Aviation Scholarship

Bradon Pike was born on May 2, 1988 in Fort McMurray Alberta.  He dreamed of being a pilot from the early age of five years old. He started flying model airplanes early in his teenage years. At 13 years old Bradon joined Air cadets where he obtained his Gliders License. After high school, Bradon enrolled in flight school and Graduated from Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 2008. Bradon joined McMurray Aviation in 2009 where he accumulated 750 flying hours flying small charters and conducting Aerial Sight Seeing tours of the oil sands.

Bradon passed away unexpectedly on April 23, 2010 in an automobile accident, when a truck hit him after crossing over the median during a freak snowstorm. He was returning home after his aviation medical in Edmonton. Bradon’s final resting place is at Saint Matthew’s cemetery in St. Lawrence, NL, where his parents were born

 Bradon’s parents Jim and Margaret Pike has set up this Scholarship in his memory because they know how passionate pilots are about what they do and the high cost of training. It also helps keep Bradon’s name and memory flying. 

 Bradon loved travelling, snowboarding, fishing, hunting, working on his Nissan skyline and most of all flying.

 This $2,000.00 Scholarship awarded annually in Bradon’s memory.  Applicants must be enrolled in the advanced training programs at Gander Flight Training.  Multi – IFR or Flight Instructor Rating.

Applications to be submitted the first day of July.

Resume to be submitted as application along with:

– Submit a 500 word essay explaining why you deserve this Scholarship

– Proven safety record

– Transcript of Commercial Pilot Licence training

– Interview with Scholarship Panel

Cannot have been a previous recipient of the Bradon Pike Aviation Scholarship and must be a resident of Newfoundland and Labrador.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message
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