Flight Instructor Rating

Becoming a Flight Instructor will provide an opportunity for rewards beyond just employment. Many pilots will attest that the wealth of knowledge and skills acquired as a Flight Instructor will be a great asset to any aviation career. Airlines often hire pilots with flight instructor experience with the aim of advancing them into company training positions. In fact GFT hires their own students before considering hiring anyone from outside the GFT team. This is also a part of our Career Progression Program. This rating may be obtained upon completion of a Commercial Pilot Licence.

Requirements & Notes

  1. Minimum Age: 18 years
  2. Aviation Medical: Category 1Aviation
  3. Licence : Commercial Pilot Licence

Course Content and Requirements

The Flight Instructor Program is usually conducted on both Cessna 152s and Cessna 172s. The minimum Ground School required by Transport Canada is 25 hrs, but GFT offers a 70-hour comprehensive course to maintain a high caliber graduate. There is a great demand on the student during this course to work both independently and as a part of a team.

Dual Flight Time: 30 hrs

Solo Flight Time: 1.2 hrs

Ground School: 70 hrs

Flight Test: Completed by Transport Canada

Written Examinations: Transport Canada Written Test

Course Schedule

The Flight Instructor course duration is usually 24 weeks depending on weather, schedule and consistency in performance. We recommend candidates begin training in January, May or September, but anyone who wishes may begin training for the Flight Instructor Rating at any time.

Upon Completion

Graduates of the Flight Instructor Program will receive a Class 4 Flight Instructor Rating. This enables you to teach students under the supervision of experienced Class 1 or 2 instructors until prescribed experience criteria are met. You can then upgrade to a Class 3 Flight Instructor. GFT gives the first opportunity for employment as a flight instructor to successful graduates of this program.

For more information and course costs, please call us at 1-877-438-2359 or email us at admin@gft.ca

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