Discovery Flight

Discovery Flight: Phases

The moment you step in our Training Facility you will notice that you are surrounded by Professional Instructors and Student Pilots who aspire to be exceptional aviators. Our Admin team will meet you and provide you a tour of the facility before introducing you to your Discovery Flight Instructor. See below our 3 phase discovery session.

Phase 01

Phase 1 which is the Pre-flight briefing where the instructor will explain what is covered in the flight, the weather and all safety briefings. Once the briefing is completed the instructor will guide you to the aircraft and demonstrate a safety walk around.

Phase 02

Phase 2 is when it gets really exciting.  Checklists are completed and with ignition keys turned on you will feel the Lycoming Engines come to life in one of our Cessnas. The Instructor will complete a run up to ensure all airplane systems are performing to standards. You will notice how communications are made with the Air Traffic Controller to get Instructions and Clearances. Once airborne, the Instructor will demonstrate basic maneuvers where you will be able to get a feel for controlling the aircraft.

Phase 03

Phase 3 is the Post-Flight Briefing.  Not to worry, our Instructors will let you have a break from that exhilarating experience before the debrief. Our Instructors will then provide you guidance to the next steps and answer any queries you have before you complete the Discovery Flight Session.

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