Recreational Pilot Permit

The Recreational Pilot Permit (RPP) is the most economical means for someone to enjoy the thrills of flying for recreational purposes.

If purchasing an aircraft for recreation is in your future, this permit is a quick and easy way to get started. It can also be used as a step to becoming a Private Pilot.

A Seaplane Rating may also be added to the RPP.

Requirements & Notes

Minimum Age: 16 years old (14 years to fly solo)
Aviation Medical: Category 4 (Signed Medical Declaration) or higher

Course Content and Requirements

Most candidates for the RPP will follow a schedule that best suits their own needs. Students may choose which single-engine aircraft to train on, though most will use the Cessna 152. Ground School is not required, but students may follow a supervised self-study program or attend a Private Pilot Ground School. The hours listed below reflect the Transport Canada minimums. Additional hours may be required to meet prescribed standards.

Dual Flight Time: 20 hrs

Solo Flight Time: 5 hrs

Preparatory Ground Instruction: 10 hrs (one-on-one instruction)

Ground School: Not required, but self study program or Private Pilot ground school available

Flight Test: Completed by qualified GFT Examiner

Written Examinations: Radio Licence, Pre-Solo and Transport Canada Written Test all completed on GFT premises

Course Schedule

The following schedule does not include ground school classes, assumes suitable weather, and a full time schedule with consistency in performance. We recommend candidates begin training January, May or September, but anyone who wishes may begin training for the RPP at any time.

Phase 1: First Solo 1 week

Phase 2: Dual and Solo Practice 2 weeks

Phase 3: Completion of Flight Test 1 week

Upon Completion

The Recreational Pilot Permit will allow you to fly all piston-powered single-engine aircraft designed for a maximum of four seats. You may carry one passenger only and may fly in Canada during daytime only. GFT has an aircraft rental program and will assist graduates in the purchase of a new aircraft and recurrent training as required. Candidates may also add a seaplane rating to the RPP, or upgrade to a Private Pilot Licence at any time.

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message
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